Booking an Appointment

Once you have seen your doctor and obtained a referral, you can contact us to schedule an initial appointment. Alternatively, we will contact you once we have received the referral from your doctor to arrange a suitable time. A welcome email will then be sent to you which confirms the details of your appointment, a consent form, and other relevant documents. We will also send you an intake form to complete as this will be helpful to understand and plan for your individual needs.

Your First Session

If you have been referred by your doctor, please bring the referral letter which we will copy for our records. Alternatively, if you plan to claim through your private health insurance, please confirm your eligibility for psychology services before your appointment. We will then be able to process your Medicare and private health insurance rebates at the end of your session (and each subsequent session).

If you have completed your intake paperwork, we will discuss the information at the start of your first session. I will allow some time to gain this information if you were unable to complete the paperwork in advance. The form will request information including: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, referring doctor, presenting concerns etc. Before progressing further, I will also discuss important issues such as confidentiality, privacy of your records, fees, payment options, and communication with your referring doctor.

Assessment & Treatment Planning

At your first session, I will gather relevant information so that I understand your presenting concerns, goals and preferences. This can for example involve discussing your personal history, when you first noticed that there was a problem(s), ways that you had tried to resolve those problems which were successful or unsuccessful. You may feel that you are being asked many questions, however it is important to understand that your answers assist me to understand, plan and provide beneficial treatment.

I will begin to understand the issues you are facing toward the end of your first session. Based on this understanding, you and I will discuss the most suitable therapy direction for your future sessions, including any specific goals you many have.

I will seek your feedback at the initial session and each subsequent session that you attend. Feedback is important in determining whether any changes are needed in relation to the treatment approach to ensure that you continue to benefit from therapy, and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Session Review

At the end of your first session, I will review what was discussed over the course of the session. I may ask some additional questions to clarify any points discussed. This provides the opportunity for you to ask further questions, or address any concerns you may have about how your therapy will continue. I will also discuss the frequency of sessions with you and will schedule the next appointment with you once a plan has been established. At the end of the first session, you should be feeling more confident about how future therapy sessions will progress.