Cross cultural therapy incorporates the client’s cultural background as an important part of assessing and treating mental illness. This type of therapy is often helpful for refugees, asylum seekers, or migrants. For many individuals and families with culturally diverse backgrounds, an element of community support may be lacking, exacerbating mental health conditions. Cultural and religious beliefs may also play a valuable role in developing successful coping strategies. Cross-cultural counselling takes all of this into account.

At Restore Psychology, I provide clients with holistic psychological treatment by working with the client and with private, community, non-government and government organisations to improve the client’s quality of life. This multi-aspect approach is ideal for achieving lasting wellness. I also utilise skilful interpreting services to help eliminate language barriers that could inhibit treatment.

I’m a trained cross-cultural practitioners and have the experience of many years of treating clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including successful partnerships with interpreters.

To learn more about the types of cross-cultural counselling available, please contact me.