My values are the foundation of how Restore Psychology operates as well as how I interact with clients, referring partners and organisations. I believe that each one of my values is of equal importance and helps me ensure that I continue maintaining the high standards I have set for all aspects of my practice.

Compassion and Empathy

This value is at the heart of what I do. Without compassion or empathy I would not be able to help my clients in making significant advancements in their lives. I care about the work I do and do not take the responsibility lightly of assisting my clients with the betterment of their lives.

Genuine Connection

It is important to have a good fit between the client and the Psychologist who is providing therapy. Only then can trust be developed which makes it possible to achieve progress with the issues that are being addressed and create lasting improvements.

Positive Outcome Focused

The aim of all therapy should be to create positive change. That is my focus and objective. Regardless of what therapeutic approach is being utilised, every client should be working with me toward an improvement of the issues they have come to address.

Challenging but Respectful

Therapy in a lot of cases is not easy. Facing current and past issues can be quite emotional and challenging. The reality is that in the majority of cases that is needed in order to achieve progress and create a sustainable change in various aspects of life. But at no point should there be a breakdown or lack of respect in the therapeutic relationship.

Supportive and Empowering

Dealing with difficult life issues can often be confronting. It’s important for a client to feel they are in a safe environment where they are not judged and are able to communicate freely. I believe that is of utmost importance and a crucial aspect of successful therapy. Ongoing and consistent support is one of our most important beliefs and a pillar of my core values.