What I Do

I treat a wide range of mental health concerns, from the minor to the complex. I can help you identify the causes of your discomfort, unhappiness, or depression, and work with you to overcome them. But that’s not what makes me different from other mental health care providers. At Restore, I take your beliefs, personal views, and goals into consideration. I will craft a plan with you, so you can take an active role in your own health.

How I Can Help

I will listen to your concerns about your well-being, and discuss the best course of treatment for you as an individual. Psychology isn’t a one-size-fits-all science; you are vital to the solution. I offer a much-needed combination of a caring listener and a trained mental health professional to help you reach a state of full health and clarity.

After working with me, many of my clients report feeling relief from anxiety and a sense of excitement for the future. I can help you assess your situation and understand your reactions – eventually helping you to better understand yourself. Put simply, I don’t deal in platitudes; I offer real answers to your questions, no matter how complex they are.

At Restore, I don’t see you as a passive participant. As a result, my clients report feeling a genuine connection with me. I listen and take a sincere interest in your life and well-being. To me, my work isn’t just a job; helping you is my vocation.

If you live or work in the Brisbane City or surrounding suburbs, and would like to give therapy with me a try in order to see for yourself what a difference a knowledgeable and compassionate Psychologist can make, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.